GPS monitoring is a management technology for mobile equipment with the American system GPS. Using data from 30 satellites of the system allows you to collect the most accurate and complete information about the movements of the object. How does it work? In its simplest form a chain. First tracker receives signals from satellites and passes data about their coordinates, if necessary, also information about used fuel, the serviceability of the vehicle, etc. can be transmitted. Then these data are sent to the server for storage and already from it are transmitted on the screen of your computer. So you get the information about the location of the object and the given characteristics in the most simple and convenient form. The system is debugged and works almost without fail.

GPS and GPS-monitoring. How does it work?

Global Positioning System (Satellite navigation system), abbreviated as GPS, is a U.S. space radio navigation system that provides reliable positioning, navigation and satellite monitoring for all people around the world are constantly in the public domain. The GPS system provides accurate location and time for an unlimited number of people in all weather, day and night, anywhere in the world.

What is a GPS monitoring for motor transport?

GPS monitoring for motor transport - a system of satellite vehicle monitoring and management of moving objects based on a system of satellite navigation, GSM technology and computing.


To fulfill its primary mission, the GPS monitoring is taking a number of component parts:

• Different types of satellites: GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, etc.;

• Special unit to receive signal (in the GPS monitoring called as GPS - receivers);

• Ways of communication with the main point (GSM channel, VHF, Satellites) or fixed data collection system.


Monitoring consists of control of the current position, direction and speed of the vehicle at the current time for the needs of dispatching services.

Control of transport

The system is designed to monitor the coordinates of the vehicle by GPS technology. GPS monitoring can provide data about the position of the vehicle in the current time mode via cellular communication (GPRS), and in the mode of post-processing data from GPS receivers to calculate the traveled distance data, to monitor downtime, speed control and fuel consumption.


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