Our company carries out installation of fuel meters. Department of installation is equipped with experienced specialists, which for more than four years are making incalls and installation of devices directly to the customer premises. Geography of incalls covers all regions of the Republic of Belarus. In most cases, to monitor the fuel consumption there are two types of measurements:

1 - Connection of a flow meter using the scheme of installation in return line. A typical scheme is given in the figures below.

Connection scheme2

This scheme is most demanded to mount majority of powertrains with the fuel system with fuel injection pump. In implementing such a connection is slightly changed the fuel system of the engine, but the changes are not in any way affect the resource and durability of the engine components. The positive side of this scheme is the ability to measure the use of counter-chamber, which significantly reduces the cost of equipment.

2 - differential measurement or measurement using two-chambers counters. A typical scheme is given in the figure below.


This scheme is most needed for the measurement of fuel systems with direct injection of fuel into the cylinders with pump-injector. The advantage of this method is the lack of interference in the standard fuel scheme, but requires sophisticated software to process and analyze readings simultaneously from two meters.

Our long experience has shown that, despite the apparent simplicity of installation flow meter is usually takes place self-installation by the client, leading to problems and inaccuracies in the measurement of fuel consumption, as well as related to problems in the engine fuel system. Therefore, we recommend installation with our specialists or specially trained people.

On the territory of the production base of our company operates a service center for repair flow meters. Service center provides after-sales service and repair of equipment. Own stock of spare parts ensures prompt repair and maintenance.


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