How can you cheat the meter?
At the status control of the sealed fuel system connections - no way.
What will we be given by your system?
We can restore order only there, where we see the mess. If we can not see it, you think it's okay. But in reality this is often not the case. It is enough to install our equipment and make sure that it really helps to save money.
Whether it is required to get the GPS aerial separately or it is added in a set of the Agronavigator? Where is the GPS aerial installed?
Antenna is included in the set of Agronavigator with the GPS option. It has magnetic mount and is attached directly to the roof of the vehicle. It can work under the windshield. GPG antenna can be used to determine the speed of the vehicle.
How quickly does the introduction of your equipment pay off ?
The payback period is from 1 to 8 months and is different for each company.
On what territory does agronavigator work?
Agronavigator works worldwide. The client can access the system from anywhere in the world where there is Internet, and see your objects operating in the entire world where there is the mobile Internet.
Is it possible to cheat fuel flow meters blowing them with the air?
The flow meter has cheat mode, and in the case of blowing them with the air, this mode gives the number of cheated liters of the intervention. Besides during installation all connections are sealed, that will not leave unnoticed intervention too.
What you need to have to installation of the meter to diesel fuel?
Meter’s kit contains all the necessary hoses, clamps, fittings and connectors to install it on any diesel manufactured in CIS.
At what temperature is possible to use the system for transport monitoring and control of fuel consumption?
Fuel meter is calculated on temperatures range from -40 to +60. Our monitoring of transport and fuel consumption control function in all conditions. Seasonal availability of fuel is not required.

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