In contrast to all existing market gauges, sensors LTS calibrated directly in the required user units (eg. liters), and produce digital interface The real value of fuel volume. In addition, all data processing to eliminate the noise in the measured signal, eliminating bursts of fuel in the tank and the other artifacts is carried out directly in the sensor on a carefully elaborated algorithms. The result is a sensor output is not an abstract "tension" or "impulses" that still require further transformation with the inevitable loss of accuracy, and the real value of the volume or level of fuel in values understandable to the user - liters or millimeters.

A properly-designed power system sensor allows it to work continuously and trouble-free at eightfold differential voltage onboard network - from 9 to 72 volts. Special mounting flange is installed on the tank away from the sensor. It has a standard mount with 5 screws and can be substituted for other mounting options without replacement or modification of the sensor. Also it simplifies the replacement of the sensor.

LTS sensors can be connected to most of the systems for monitoring or recording with interface CAN («LTS», «Skipper», «Teltonika»). Also it is possible to connect LTS-042-CAN to systems having analog inputs or frequency ("Lokarus", "Autograph", "CKPT", "Helix", "Scout", etc.) but some features of sensors LTS can be lost.


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