Fuel meters VZO-4 OEM-RE 0.005 and VZO-8 OEM-RE 0.0125 are ring type applied for light oil and diesel fuel and are intended for connection to the recording device.

Liquid fuel meters are entered in measuring tools register in Belarus, certificate № 6917 and approved for use by State Standard. Instruments are subject to initial and periodic calibration. Periodic calibration is carried out once in 12 months, with appropriate certificates and seals of RUE "BelGIM."


Basic characteristics

Model  VZO-4 OEM -RE 0.005  VZO-8 OEM -RE 0.0125 
Nominal diameter, mm  4
Connection input / output  threaded 1/8 "  threaded 1/4 "
Nominal pressure 32 bar 32 bar
Dimensions (Diameter) 54 x 42 mm 74 x 46 mm
Installation Position horizon. / vertical. horizon. / vertical.
Temperature, max. 60°C 60°C
Measuring range 1…80 l/h 4…200 l/h
Max. long Qn 50 l/h 135 l/h
Max. inaccuracy

2.0...80 l/h : ± 1%

1...2 l/h +1/-2 

4...200 l/h : ± 1%

Built RE pulse contact

- Max. possible load contact 

 230 V AC/DC,

50 mA, 3 VA

230 V AC/DC,

50 mA, 3 VA

Pulse value

0.005 l

0.0125 l



CONTOIL ® VZO 4 OEM / VZO 8 OEM Special Edition

Flow meters without roller counter with magnetic reed pulse sensor. Measured value indication is performed on the remote display. These meters are designed for installation in fuel systems, where limited or impossible to read the measurement.

This series of meters has been widely used in combination with the navigation systems on the vehicles and in remote monitoring of fuel consumption on stationary objects (diesel generators, fuel oil burners, etc.). The data comes from the meter through the controller to the transmitting device (technology GPS, GSM / GPRS, Bluetooth, GLONASS, etc.), and then to the management company’s PC.

Possibility of horizontal, vertical or diagonal installation.

Instruments are supplemented with protective aluminum cover and the two connecting cables (4 meters) and with convenient connections.


"PromAvtoKip" The manufacturer and the official representative of AQUAMETRO OIL & MARINE AG

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