Diesel fuel meters VZO-4 and VZO-8 are intended for measuring and fuel consumption account on tractors, cars, equipment for grain drying, diesel generators and other mobile and stationary devices, which fuel consumption is in a range from 1 to 200 l/h.

Meters VZO-4 and VZO-8 can be used on any diesel and petrol automobile and tractor technics, manufactured in CIS countries and Europe.

The device is mechanical that causes design’s simplicity, reliability and unpretentiousness in operation.

Meters of liquid fuel series VZO-4 (8) are included in Belarusian register of measurement tools, certificate № 6917 and approved for use by State Standard. Instruments are subject to initial and periodic calibration. Periodic calibration is carried out once in 12 months, with appropriate certificates and seals of RUE "BelGIM."

These devices are also certified and are measurement tools in the Russian Federation. Certificate of type approval № 32741.



Technical characteristics

Accuracy + / - 1%
Nominal pressure 25 bar
Mounting position horizontal, vertical, diagonal
Accuracy up to 1 milliliter
Case painted oil resistant plastic
Working chamber brass and anodized aluminum
Counting mechanism mechanical roller
Dimensions 65 * 45 * 45 mm
Weight 0.7 kg
Warranty period  12 months


  • Exact measuring data, as fuel flow meter is the most authentic variant of fuel consumption measuring.
  • Any additional devices and intervention in a wiring scheme are not required, as data takes occurs in a habitual mode - as the electric power meter.
  • Optimum parity "price-quality": this is the most reliable of offered devices at a low price with a 1 year guarantee from the moment of installation.
  • Protection against cheat: to prevent intervention in meter’s work, all the places connected to fuel hoses are sealed up.
  • Meters are made in Switzerland and have supreme level of quality.


1. Liquid fuel meter VZO-4 RE 0.1

Liquid fuel meter VZO-4 RE 0.1 has an additional pulse output for connection to GPS-positioning and other recording devices.

     • Clear plastic case with protection class IP 50.

     • Easier to mount pulse cable afford screw clip.

     • Proper securing cable with a diameter of 3.5 and 5mm.

     • Pulse (electrical protection class III)

     • In addition to displaying the fuel consumption on the board of the meter, the information on the amount of fuel can be transferred to any registrar or storage.

2. Liquid fuel meter VZO-4 Viton

Meter VZO-4 Viton is designed to measure and record the fuel consumption of vehicles with petrol engines - gasoline fuel accounting for vehicles and machinery.

High reliability due to the Swiss quality and low prices make fuel meter VZO-4 Viton indispensable for any owner.



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