Applied to control fuel consumption and operating time for all kinds of automotive vehicles. STV-4/8 -are the best devices for determination and regulation of diesel fuel consumption and operating time on all power units, witch fuel consumption is in the range of 1 to 200 l / h

Meters of fuel and operating time STV-4/8 are made in Belarus with qualitative Swiss measuring chambers VZO-4 OEM. The warranty period of the device is 12 months.


Controlled parameters:

1. Fuel consumption

2. Operating time

3. Average fuel consumption (liters per hour)

4. Protection against cheat and separate counter of possible draining

5. Fuel consumption in various modes of delivering

6. Battery charge indication

7. Protection from exposure of external magnetic field


- STV-4 is autonomous and computer data processing is not required

- Connection to an electrical equipment and power supply are not necessary

- All data are stored in non-volatile memory

- Completely protected from intervention and cheat

- Parameters viewing without buttons and additional magnets

- Strong aluminum water-proof case

- Measuring chamber is made in Switzerland from the copper alloy steady against depreciation

- Built-in filter

The maximum parameters set in autonomous flow meter

Meters of fuel flow type have proven to be reliable and accurate fuel accounting device, especially on tractors and machinery, where the use of "float" accounting systems is hampered by rugged terrain and the presence of two fuel tanks. Operation and maintenance of the counter do not require specially trained personnel and can be performed by any responsible person. Low cost compared to similar contributes is the most highly competitive and can have fast payback in 4-5 months.


"PromAvtoKip" The manufacturer and the official representative of AQUAMETRO OIL & MARINE AG

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