"PromAvtoKip" offers a reliable, tested by time and conditions of RB technical solution for saving fuel on mobile vehicles and stationary equipment.


- diesel fuel meters,

- accounting systems of diesel fuel and operating time for automotive vehicles

- fuel level sensors

- board navigation complexes

 - milk meters


 - Installation of diesel fuel meters for tractors, motor vehicles and agricultural equipment.

The company "PromAvtoKip" in addition to the implementation of the fuel meters is installing them on the vehicles. Installation can be performed as by employees of our company, and our representatives in the regions of Belarus as well. We have experience in equipping any domestic appliances.

Among the clients of our company are major enterprises of agricultural, construction, transport and petrochemical sectors of the Republic of Belarus with the amount of installed meters from 20 to 1500 units.

All farms and enterprises, in which VZOs were installed, with a help of clear administrative control they benefit. Installation of Akvametro’s products allows businesses to obtain significant economic benefit from fuel and energy resources.

As a result of the work carried out by our company, Akvametro’s products are recommend to some regional administrations for use in the national economy of the Republic of Belarus. The company "PromAvtoKip" has also cooperated with the Belarusian Institute of Metrology on certification and verification Akvametro’s products.

The warranty period of all products of our company is 12 months from the date of commissioning. The service life of the fuel meters produced by Aqumetro AG - ten years at least.

Warranty repair and exchange will not be for products:

1. having mechanical, thermal and chemical damage;

2. defective, in result of the use of non-original spare parts;

3. with defects arising as a consequence of breaking the rules and conditions of use, transportation or storage;

4. with defects arising as a consequence of use of the product for other purposes.

5. having damaged seals.

Acceptance into the warranty and after-warranty repairs are made by an act of reclamation due form at:

Minsk., Minsk district, i /a Kolyadichi, Babushkina str. 76, office 197

tel / fax 291-92-56 (57)


"PromAvtoKip" The manufacturer and the official representative of AQUAMETRO OIL & MARINE AG

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